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Connecting the Community to the Courthouse


Thank You!

This has been an incredible journey ... the people, the events, the conversations, learning and growing ... the visions for a better tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your support and inspiration! Each and every one of you made this possible! Your energy, enthusiasm, generosity and community spirit are amazing! I applaud you and could never have reached today without you! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Connecting the Community to the Courthouse resonated for me and with Marin voters ... now we bring these words to life for everyone in Marin! Experience matters and I'm excited about working together to keep Marin safe and build educational, protective and restorative programs that will benefit our County ... young and old!

I am honored to serve as your next District Attorney and lead the DA's office into the future. I embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie before us and know together, we will achieve great things.

Tomorrow is a new and exciting day.

In sincere appreciation,

Lori Frugoli

P.S. To see how I am Connecting the Community to the Courthouse, please go to the Marin County District Attorney's website HERE.

Courtroom Sketch of Lori in court

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We won because we let voters know that Lori has the experience to keep Marin safe. This outreached paid off but unfortunately it is not entirely paid for, a small debt remains. To help balance the ledger, please CLICK BELOW TO DONATE.